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The fiber distribution box became the main choice for high speed Internet connections and the primary material used for country to country or continent to continent Internet connections. By moving the connection type from copper to fiber optics it has allowed the Display Port to achieve higher bandwidths, which are necessary for HDTV playback.

If you consider that there are a lot of games that you can play over the internet, streaming them through the Display Port directly to your LCD TV might be one option the industry is going to take in the near future.

Data transmission has historically been accomplished using copper (electrical) cables. Copper or Co-axial cables are reliable and efficient over relatively short distances and if the bandwidth is relatively low but when it comes to long distances and higher bandwidth, Fibre Optic has to be the cable of choice.

So, why Fibre Optic? Well, ther are many advantages when using Fibre Optic instead of copper or Co-axial cables. This short article tries to give a simple explanation of these advantages and the industries that make use of the benefits of using Fibre Optic Cabling.

Loss of data in Fibre Optic is exceptionally fiber termination box , which means that over long distances data is hardly lost. This makes transmission of digital video over long distances possible. Digital Signage industry is making great use of this capability, allowing it to send digital video over many kilometers.