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Por kevinmanuel

Ok, before i started using teknogods beta 14, i used regular hamachi to lan with a friend.My friend and i did the "ConnectionOverride" thing, his worked, mine didnt.So i Downloaded teknogods beta 14 and launched the teknohelper once Gta loaded up fully.we searched for a game, Found each other, we tried to join each other, but got the "Unable to Connect" message.So i restarted my pc, and tried to run the DLLLoad instead of the teknohelper(since the connection was already overriden).When running the DLLLoad.exe i got this message"Grand Theft Auto IV Found,injecting OpenProcess failedinjection failed,make sure the dll is in same dir as this program"And i tried moving the teknogods.dll and the dllload.exe to a seperate folder and it didnt workeven when running teknohelper, pressing f12 did nothing nor did ctrl + f12

Please help.

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