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Por kevinmanuel

I just wanted to ask if other people are having problems with accessing GTA V Online after 4pm as well?
Yesterday also today after 4pm I cannot for the life of me connect to other players in GTA Online! Last night the problem ended at around 11:30pm!I played today from 9am til 4pm and the same yesterday I thought I had a network problem last night so I fiddled around for hours trying to find what the problem was! I could not see a problem I even set the modem to DMZ mode for my pc and removed the router and directly plugged into the modem still no connection! 11:30pm come along and I could connect to everyone and anyone and that was the same from 9am today til 4pm this afternoon and now I cannot connect to other players again!So please is anyone else having this problem? Because none of my friends on TPG, Telstra or Optus have this issue!

Please help.

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